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TURLOCK — Among the sunflowers that grow along Highway 99 northbound in Turlock is the site where a truck transporting chickens rolled over on Aug. 5.

The CHP said an unknown number of birds died that day. The site is also a place where an animal rights group wants to place a tombstone memorializing chickens.

“We’re applying to place a memorial for some of the chickens who died in the crash,” Ashley Byrne, the Associate Director of Campaigns for the People for the ethical treatment of animals or PETA, said.

Some drivers visiting the area are on board.

“It’s a good idea, yeah,” Filament Miester, of Germany said.

“I think it’s always horrible when animals are killed on the road,” Claus Miester, of Germany told FOX40.

Others think the tombstone is one for the birds.

“I think the maybe the chickens might be a little much, but that’s my opinion,” Steve Mooney of Sacramento said.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea but, hey, that’s their deal,” Anderson, of Temecula Valley explained.

The group sent the Stanislaus County Director of Public Works a letter and wrote the 5-foot-tall tombstone would remind drivers to be careful and another message that would say, “Try Vegan.”

“But remind everyone that no animal wants to die a violent, painful death,” Byrne explained.

The County told FOX40, the site isn’t in their jurisdiction and that it would be up to Cal Trans who explained to us road sign memorials are typically not allowed.

Cal Trans said they have not received a letter from PETA.