WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — A West Sacramento man was slapped with over a $500 Pacific Gas and Electric bill after finding out his gas meter wasn’t working properly.

For the past 18 years, Scott Rosenquist has lived in his West Sacramento neighborhood.

As a PG&E customer, he’s used to paying around $250 per month for gas and electricity during the winter.

In the bill he received in December, he was charged $554.36 just for gas.

“I started looking into it to try and figure out what was wrong,” Rosenquist told FOX40.

That’s when he gave PG&E a call. At that point, he found out his gas meter was broken.

“They didn’t tell me that it was broken, and I didn’t know until I called them,” Rosenquist explained. “I was very frustrated.”

A PG&E spokesperson told FOX40 that they knew Rosenquist’s meter hadn’t been working since September. The company sent him an estimated bill as they tried to fix the problem.

“If the bill is estimated, this allows us to keep the payments on schedule and to avoid that future large bill covering several months,” explained PG&E spokesperson Megan McFarland.

PG&E crews ended up fixing the meter in late December and credited Rosenquist $500 on his next bill.

The utility admits they are at fault.

“We’re conducting a review to see what happened,” McFarland said. “It was a mistake, and we don’t want this to happen to other customers. We know it’s frustrating.”

Jamie Court is the president of Consumer Watchdog, a nonprofit aimed at protecting people, especially those who have nowhere else to turn for help.

Court urges PG&E customers to keep a close eye on their bills and has the same advice for people who use other utility companies. 

“If you’re overcharged by PG&E, you should definitely inform the Public Utilities Commission. They’re supposed to be keeping tabs on this,” Court advised.

Rosenquist said the errors are frustrating for him and others living where PG&E is the only option for gas and electricity.

“I can’t cancel them. They’re PG&E,” Rosenquist said.

PG&E said when a meter is broken they are aware, even if they don’t alert the customer.

Those customers are put on a list to have the problem fixed, but if customers call to complain, it could speed up the process.