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The Latest – Friday, Jan. 7:

PG&E said that there are 7,120 customers without power in the Sierra Division as of 6 p.m.:
Placer County – 1,282
Sierra County – 255
Nevada County – 4,463
El Dorado County – 959

Original story below:

(KTXL) – Pacific Gas & Electric officials said power will be back on within the next four days for the 8,500 remaining customers without electricity in the Sierra region.   

“Even now, we have 3,200 incidents of damage. Each point of damage has to be repaired to restore our customers,” said PG&E spokesperson Paul Moreno.

Nearly two weeks after the storm first hit, teams of city, county and state officials — along with PG&E crews — are working to get those in need the necessary help to get by with free firewood, a generator program they’re supporting through city and county partners.

Moreno added that independent living centers are assisting those with medical needs who are in extremely harsh conditions.

PG&E gave Nevada County 15 generators, which it turned around and provided to one town hit hard by the severe winter weather. 

“We actually connected with the town of Washington, which is a small town to the east of Nevada City that’s hard hit by this storm,” explained Nevada County Office of Emergency Services program manager Paul Cummings. “Small population, but very remote and hard hit. Probably at the end of getting the power back, as far as the restoration, so we thought that was the best place to concentrate that donation.”

After hearing from local residents, Nevada County officials set up mobile laundry units, a shower unit and a WiFi center at the Helling Library. 

“We’ve heard the community loud and clear from our forums,” explained Andrew Trygg with the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office. “They needed a way to simply take a shower and to have their laundry done, or at least the ability to get it done somewhere.”

As some families are running on their thirteenth day without power, local leaders are hopeful that providing some assistance will keep them safe and sound into early next week.