Placer County Holds Off on Banning Pot Grows

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The Placer County Board of Supervisors voted 3-2 on Tuesday to hold off on banning or regulating marijuana grows within the county.

Medical grows may be legal in California, but an increase in complaints within Placer County recently brought the issue to the Board of Supervisors.

Inside the meeting, it was standing room only. Residents lined up to express major concerns about banning grows within the county.

Tabatha Hayworth of Sheridan said a ban would only mean growers would start growing marijuana illegally.

Sacramento NORML Marijuana advocate Shelby Lucero has worked with officials in nearly 10 counties statewide to develop regulations.

“We are willing to work with county and city officials to help develop regulations,” Lucero said.

In the minority, Ron and Michelle Davidson of Applegate expressed their concern for the grow their neighbors have. They say, the grow is butted up against their property and the dogs who guard it make them feel unsafe.

“They chose to put it right up against our property line and our driveway,” Ron Davidson said.

Since the Davidsons have to drive through their neighbor’s grow to even get to their own home, they believe the neighbor’s pot farm decreases the value of their home.

Davidson’s neighbors told FOX40 the grow is perfectly legal, adding that the growers sell to six dispensaries in Northern California and serve more than 1,700 patients.

“I was really disappointed in the supervisors,” Michelle Davidson said. “I had hoped they would come up with guidelines like our neighboring counties have all done.”

For now, the vote means the county will take a “wait and see approach,” which means officials will wait and see what California voters decide in the 2016 election and continue the discussion then.

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