Placer County sees another rise in people experiencing homelessness

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PLACER COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) — Placer County saw another rise in its homeless population in 2020, according to the Homeless Resource Council of the Sierra’s 2020 point-in-time count

There were 744 people experiencing homelessness the night of the PIT count in January, of which 256 were chronically homeless. 

In 2019, 617 people were homeless with 224 being chronically homeless, “defined as currently homeless for a year” or four or more “episodes of homelessness in the past three years totaling a year or more and a disability of long, continued duration.”

The number of people who were unsheltered also increased. According to the PIT count, 404 people are unsheltered, an increase of 208 people from 2019’s PIT count

It was the biggest recent jump, with 296 being unsheltered in 2019 and 271 in 2018

Although the homeless population has risen in recent years, fewer people may be experiencing homelessness in Placer County. 

In 2017, 893 people were homeless the night of the PIT count. 

The point-in-time count “is only a snapshot reflecting those persons identified as homeless for one night and is not an absolute number.”

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