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AUBURN — The loud booms and bright lights of the Fourth of July make this time of year one of the most dangerous for pets.

“July is the most popular months for pets to get lost and that’s because of Fourth of July and fireworks and noise and vacations,” Placer County Animal Services Manager Katie Ingram said.

That is why Placer County Animal Services thought this was the perfect time to roll out their new digital ID tags. The tags use QR codes and geolocation technology so anyone who finds a lost pet can pull up their owner’s contact information online in an instant.

The pet’s owner is able to see exactly where the tag was scanned on a map.

Owners will now receive the digital tags when they register their pets through Placer County, which is required by law for any dog over 4 months old.

People who have already registered their pets can buy one of the new tags for $7.

“It means there are more resources to get that pet back home and more ways to reach out to that owner,” Ingram said.

Animal services also hopes the new tags will help keep shelter space available.