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PLACER COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) – The Placer County Sheriff’s Office recently posted to Facebook the most interesting piece of evidence they’ve had – a ring that a young woman had on when a bullet went flying through her home last year.

“I was just folding clothes,” 22-year-old Tasi Monforte recalled. “And when I picked up my phone, I heard a loud bang. All of a sudden, I dropped my phone. Had pain in my hand.” 

Because her middle finger immediately began to swell her fiance Mason McCrory had to cut the ring off.

Monforte thought she may have been shot, but quickly put it out of her head because the sliding glass door in her bedroom was still intact.

It was the next day when Monforte spotted a shiny object on the floor. 

“Took a picture, sent it to my dad, and my dad’s like, ‘Oh yeah. That’s a bullet,'” Monforte told FOX40. 

“Just around here, that’s really rare. So, we just were kinda wondering what happened,” McCrory said. “But luckily, the neighbor down the street is a sheriff and he was kinda on it pretty quick. And they already knew what happened when they heard.” 

The young couple would later find out that a shooting took place less than 50 feet from their backyard fence and that deputies would arrest two 19-year-old men in connection to that shooting.

“There was an article that Placer County posted, later on, saying that they had caught them,” Monforte said “A shooting off of Cirby. The suspect ran from the cops with the gun.”

The couple doesn’t doubt for a moment just how fortunate it is that Monforte wasn’t hurt.

“I’m lucky. And got angels above who weren’t ready for me,” she said. “It’s not every day that you’re just doing your laundry and you expect bullets to come through the wall.” 

“A really unlucky thing to happen. But really lucky the way that it did happen,” McCrory said.

But through it all, Monforte has been able to find some humor in her experience.

“Tell your man you want lots of rings,” she laughed. “Lots of rings, big rings.”