PLACER COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) — Artists, nonprofits and even businesses could receive money for projects and events in Placer County through grants given by the Arts Council. 

The Arts Council of Placer County said applications for grants are open again. The new round of grants will be periodically disbursed throughout July of 2023. Though, the Arts Council said money for projects could be given out earlier than scheduled if it is needed. 

“These grants support and supplement a broad array of arts and cultural programs throughout Placer County, allowing more people to connect and benefit from more art. Priority for grant awards is placed on programs that serve historically underserved populations, and those who will most greatly benefit from art experiences,” the Arts Council says on its website.

The first round of grants will go out in October, and the deadline to apply is Sept. 30. The other three rounds of grants will go out in January, April and July, and each has its own application deadlines. 

Money from the grants can be used by artists or educators for “programs promoting arts education.” It can also be used by artists and performers for “special projects, and artist studio tours” and other ideas. 

Grants can also be used for local film projects and art that will be displayed in Placer County communities. 

The amount of money given will depend on the category of grant an artist submits. For the following year, there are six categories. 

For more information about how to apply and the grants, visit