ROSEVILLE, Calif. (KTXL) — A Sacramento man was sentenced to time in prison in Placer County on Wednesday after being found with 40 grams of fentanyl in Lincoln on June 24, according to the Placer County District Attorney’s Office.

Travis Richardson, 34, was on probation when a Lincoln Police Officer, who was familiar with Richardson, made contact and found 40 grams of fentanyl, a digital scale and $1,900 in cash.

When police spotted Richardson, he reportedly threw several plastic bags filled with a white chalk-like substance into nearby bushes.

According to police, Richardson was on probation from a May 14 arrest in which he was found to be in possession of 30 grams of fentanyl.

The Honorable Judge Kinsbury sentenced Richardson to a four-year sentence in custody and three years on mandatory supervision, for a total sentence of seven years.

“Richardson was given an advisement stating if he sells fentanyl, or any other controlled substance laced with fentanyl, in the future and that sale results in the death of another, he may be charged with murder,” the district attorney’s office wrote in a news release.