(FOX40.COM) — This week the Placer County Sheriff’s Office and the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office each welcomed new bloodhounds to their search and rescue K-9 team.

In Placer County, Watson and his human partner Cyndee Schwartz completed their California Rescue Dog Association certification.

The duo will now be authorized to not only conduct search and rescue operations in Placer County but across the state of California.

According to the sheriff’s office, the team’s final test, “Mission Ready”, had Watson and Schwartz track a trail over a mile long that was laid the previous day throughout a wilderness area with several intersections and turns.

“Cyndee and Watson’s dedication to ongoing training and their commitment to mastering these vital search and rescue skills exemplify their unwavering determination to meet PCSO’s and CARDA’s high standards of excellence,” the sheriff’s office wrote in a social media post.

In Nevada County, young bloodhound pup Lily is the newest member of the sheriff’s office search and rescue team along with her handler Jeff Landre.

Lily and Landre will undergo several months of training so they will be able to assist in future rescue missions.

Nevada County has the largest search and rescue dog teams in the state with over 20 dogs. These K-9 teams can respond to search and rescue missions across the state.