(KTXL) — People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, known as PETA, is honoring the life of a man who was hit by a vehicle while helping a family of ducks cross the street. 

The organization announced that it will be dedicating a leaf on its Tree of Life memorial at the Sam Simon Center in Norfolk, Virginia, to commemorate the life of Casey Rivara. 
•Video Above: Man dies after being struck by vehicle as he helped ducklings leave the roadway

PETA Senior Vice President Colleen O’Brien said,  “PETA encourages everyone to honor this heroic father by watching for wildlife on roadways and helping animals whenever they need a hand.”

On May 18, Rivara was driving his children home from swimming practice when he noticed a group of ducks struggling to cross the street. 

Rivara, 41, pulled his car over, walked out of the vehicle and escorted the ducks to safety, according to Rocklin police

After receiving applause from bystanders, a teenage driver fatally struck Rivara. 

He passed away at the scene. 

On a GoFundMe page for Rivara’s family, his aunt wrote, “Casey was the kindest, most amazing husband and father. Even his last act in this world was a sign of his compassion.”

PETA’s Tree of Life memorial is dedicated to individuals whose lives and actions made a difference for animals. 

The organization said it will send a duplicate leaf to Rivara’s family, along with a photograph of the Tree of Life.