(KTXL) — Sections of a major roadway in Rocklin will be under extra police surveillance after the Rocklin Police Department received a higher-than-normal amount of reports in the area.

Police said that reports of illegal parking and cars doing donuts along Park Drive in the Boulder Ridge Park area have increased to the point where they will begin issuing citations.

“Moving forward, we will be issuing more citations than warnings,” the police department wrote in a news release. “We know that the no parking area along Park Drive is a great place to watch the sunset, but the behavior has escalated to a level that makes it difficult for neighbors to enjoy their backyards and have some sort of peace.”

There have also been reports of loud music and fireworks being heard over the last six months in the park’s parking lot.

“We aren’t interested in surprising people with tickets, we just want to address the community concerns in this area,” the police department continued.

On Thursday morning, the Rocklin Police Department posted an image of a vehicle being stopped along Park Drive the night before in the Boulder Ridge area that was found driving 70 miles-per-hour.