(FOX40.COM) — A job site thief in Placer County was expecting to make a quick flip on some stolen tools but wasn’t expecting one of his victims to set up their own sting operation.

This past weekend, a Placer County man noticed that some tools had been stolen from his job site and rather than reporting the theft he went looking for them, according to the Placer County Sheriff’s Office.

A search of social media resulted in the man locating a post offering tools similar to his for sale. The man set up a time and place to meet the seller.

Before heading to the meet-up though, the man contacted the Placer County Sheriff’s Office and informed them of his plan.

The sheriff’s office sent deputies to the location provided by the man and detained the suspected thief.

Deputies searched the suspect and found suspected cocaine and about $10,000 worth of suspected stolen drills, saws and nail guns inside of his vehicle.

The man was arrested and is facing charges of grand theft, possession of stolen property and possession of a controlled substance.