(FOX40.COM) — The Placer County Mosquito and Vector Control District said it detected St. Louis Encephalitis virus (SLEV) near the Lincoln Airport, marking the second time the virus has ever been found in Placer County and the first time since 2017.

Mosquito District Manager Joel Buettner said on Wednesday that the agency will continue to monitor SLEV presence in Placer County mosquitoes.
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“We plan to increase trapping, enhance surveillance, and make appropriate control responses near the area of Lincoln where SLEV was detected,” Buettner said.

According to the Placer Mosquito District, SLEV can be transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito, similar to West Nile Virus.

The California Department of Public Health added that human cases of SLEV are very rare, although there is concern of increasing incidence in the past decade.

In Placer County, mosquito samples are routinely tested for SLEV, West Nile Virus, and Western equine encephalitis virus (WEE) because they all share the same mosquito vector species and have similar symptoms in humans, the District said.

The agency recommends using an EPA-registered repellent and draining all standing water to prevent mosquito breeding. If you think you have a mosquito problem, submit a report on the District website.