(FOX40.COM) — Drivers along Interstate 80 will see construction along two miles-long stretches of the highway in Roseville and Rocklin over the next few months, as Caltrans and contractors begin work on the so-called “5th lane project” and a new auxiliary lane.

Caltrans held a groundbreaking ceremony for the two construction projects on August 1, alongside Congressman Kevin Kiley and state and local leaders.

The projects are an effort to improve travel times along I-80 through that area of Placer County.

The “5th lane project” involves the construction of a fifth lane on westbound I-80 between Douglas Blvd. and Riverside Avenue, a stretch of about two miles.

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This project will also change the Douglas Blvd. offramp from westbound I-80, reducing it from two lanes to a single lane.

The second project where work has begun is the creation of an auxiliary lane along a nearly two-mile stretch of eastbound I-80 between Highway 65 and Rocklin Road, and adding a second lane at the offramp to this road.

Caltrans defines an auxiliary lane as a roadway used for speed changes, turning, weaving, truck climbing, and maneuvering of entering and leaving traffic.