PLACERVILLE, Calif. (KTXL) — Downtown Placerville has been getting doused from above all Thursday long, causing many to huddle close to their umbrellas for cover. 

Others, however, are enjoying the downpour.

“Go out in it. I even wore the wrong kind of shoes and they’re soaking wet and I don’t care,” laughed Rita McGill, a Placerville resident.

But locals weren’t the only ones fine with getting soaked. Henry Krell is visiting from Alaska, and he said a little water won’t throw off their wine trip, knowing the rain will do some good.

“It’s a welcome relief to the long drought the state has suffered,” Krell said.

Drivers were also getting hit with rain during their morning commute. Some erred on the side of caution and took things slow. Others were quick to hit the pedal.

The rain can also mean less foot traffic for businesses. Mary Dedrick of Dedrick’s Cheese said sunshine attracts loads of customers, but the same can’t be said for rainy days.

“It does slow people down from coming to visit, but those who love cheese get in the car and drive over,” Dedrick said.

Despite the drawbacks, residents said its a wonderful day. People in Placerville said they can’t help but love the rain.