Placerville Residents Outraged Over Allegations Against Stem Express, Planned Parenthood

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The abortion debate has reached new heights and it has many in Placerville outraged.

"As soon as these videos started hitting I think all of the community was completely shocked that this was happening,” said protester Alex Gainsbrough.

Anti-abortion group “The Center for Medical Progress” has released a series of videos accusing Planned Parenthood and Placerville based Biotech company, Stem Express of harvesting tissue from aborted fetuses.

"Unborn babies are being tortured as they’re being sucked out of the woman's body,” said protester Laurie Hertzberg.

In the latest video released Wednesday, a woman who identifies herself as a Stem Express technician, claims fetal parts were often taken without consent at offices in Stockton and Fresno.

"There are times when they would just take it and these mothers don’t know, there's no way they would know," said Ex-procurement technician for Stem Express, Holly O’Donnell.

A Stem Express spokesperson told FOX40:

“StemExpress unequivocally denies the allegations made by Holly O’Donnell and The Center for Medical Progress (CMP), reaffirming that it does not obtain blood or tissue samples from a patient without first obtaining consent.”

The Pro-Life advocates who’ve been rallying outside Stem Express in Placerville call the actions “illegal and immoral.”

Planned Parenthood denies that claim saying, “Planned Parenthood follows all laws – period. This group is engaged in a fraud, and other allegations they’ve made against Planned Parenthood have been discredited.”

Stem Express supplies blood and tissue to biomedical researches.  The company says the videos that have been released are “slowing the pace of life saving medical research.”


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