SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Saturday morning was the start of a ten day rally tour by Planned Parenthood Affiliates.

Thousands met at the Capitol to show support for abortion rights and share how they will continue to provide services to women.

Planned Parenthood Affiliates Powered by Pink bus tour will continue statewide for the next ten days to raise awareness and protest what it calls the “ban of constitutional rights to abortion.”

“So many people out here: women, men, kids, families… All out here to show their support for our issues, for access to abortion,” said Jennifer Wonnacot with Planned Parenthood. “It’s gonna be a long fight and we need everyone standing here together.”

Katrina Lewis, a labor and delivery nurse from Roseville, said it was important to be here with her sister.

“It’s a medical decision. It’s doctors and women who need to be making that decision not the laws. If you want to regulate something to save lives, regulate guns,” she said.

While there are many who had taken to the streets to march in solidarity for abortion rights, there were also many who were on the other side.

We’re willing to save the whales, salve the dolphins, save the eagle but we want to destroy the lives of pre-born children. It just doesn’t make any sense and it’s a testimony to the depravity of our culture,” said Paul Liberati, Pastor at Church of the King in Sacramento.

Paige, Carson, and Dillon Millet are triplets who say their mother had difficulties conceiving and used IVF to get pregnant.

“To fight for life as a whole. We do believed life is worth protecting… I believe that is something that starts at conception and I just think life is worth holding onto, worth fighting for,” said Carson Millett.