Police: 1 injured in armed South Sac bank robbery

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Sacramento police are searching for a man they say attempted to rob a Chase bank in South Sacramento late Friday morning. Investigators say the armed man fled without any money after a customer tried to tackle him.

“I don’t think anybody expects something like that,” customer Raquel Chavez-Cota said.

Chavez-Cota’s quick stop at her Chase branch off West Stockton Boulevard left her traumatized for hours afterward.

“I didn’t know whether my life was going to depend on this or not,” she said.

She says when she first walked in, it seemed normal enough. Three tellers greeted her. But as she approached the counter, she says someone behind her started yelling.

“He was just saying, ‘Move, get out of the way, move, move, move,’” she told FOX40. “That’s all he kept saying.”

She turned around to see a man in a motorcycle helmet holding a gun.

“I seen the rifle — or whatever he had — rifle, shotgun, machine gun, I’m not sure what it was,” Chavez-Cota said.

Chavez-Cota says she grabbed her phone off the bank counter and ran.

“I just freaked out,” she said. “And I just ran out of the bank.”

But on her way out, she says another man she believes was a customer tackled the gunman.

“He just jumped on him, almost like if he was going to want to knock him over,” she said. “In my mind, all I could think of was, because he ran into him, the gun was going to go off or he was going to start shooting me because I started running.”

Chavez-Cota didn’t stick around till the end of the fight, running out of the bank as quick as she could.

Sacramento police say the gunman ran out and took off in his car. Meanwhile, the customer that intervened was later rushed to the hospital with minor lacerations on his head.

Other customers who arrived later in the day were shocked to hear someone would be so bold to try to rob this branch.

“They got the protective glass and stuff,” customer Brandon Leyton said. “What’s someone really going to do to the tellers?”

Meanwhile, Chavez-Cota is counting her blessings she wasn’t hurt.

“I took my chance, you know, of running out and I had my children and my husband and my family to think of,” she said.

Sacramento police are investigating this case, but they say the FBI will be taking charge of the investigation, which is standard protocol for attempted bank robberies.

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