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SACRAMENTO — Officers responded to reports of illegal sideshows in downtown Sacramento Thursday night.

Sacramento Police Lt. Marnie Stigerts told FOX40 around 400 to 500 cars were near W and 8th streets before leaving the area and heading north. They had gathered at a parking lot under the interstate and dispersed before officers could get to the scene.

“I just thought it was really unacceptable in a residential neighborhood,” neighbor Elissa Downey, who heard the commotion, told FOX40.

The lieutenant says the illegal gathering may have taken place to honor actor Paul Walker, whose birthday was Sept. 12. Walker is best known for his role in the “The Fast and the Furious” franchise. He was killed in a fiery crash in November 2013.

Officers did stop some people for traffic and vehicle violations but no arrests were made.

No injuries have been reported. Neighbors say someone could have gotten hurt.

“The predicament is that some people tend to get to close to these cars, or they aren’t operating the cars in a logical manner,” neighbor William Franco said. “A vehicle may be a weapon where people can get hurt or die.”