Police Address Crime Spike in Rancho Cordova

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The Rancho Cordova chief of police spoke to residents of the Lincoln Village neighborhood Wednesday evening at Winn Elementary School to address the five recent fatal shootings that occurred in close proximity.

“We’ve seen a small spike in violent crimes in the neighborhood, so we want to be proactive and come out tonight and share with citizens what we can share about the investigations. So they can partner with us to help reduce crime in the neighborhood,” Rancho Cordova Police Chief Michael Goold said.

Between April and June, five people were killed in shootings in Rancho Cordova. They killings occurred on April 3 at Egmont Way and Viking Drive; on May 16 at 9800 Lincoln Drive; on June 7 at Lincoln  Drive and Viking Drive; another on June 7 at Benita Drive; and the most recent on June 20 at Sarament Court.

Chief Goold told FOX40 Rancho Cordova will have a violent crime suppression team in about two months, which will focus exclusively on crime-ridden areas. In the mean time, they’ve installed police cameras and license plate readers at intersections in the Lincoln Village area.

“More importantly, we want to reassure the folks that we’re taking proactive measures, we’ve increased overtime for our officers to go out and spend time in this specific neighborhood to stop suspicious people, validate gang members,” Goold said.

Neighbors at the meeting seemed more concerned with a different crime occurring in their neighborhood. Several people addressed drivers speeding down local streets.

“I think they are … they are removed from the situation that officers are dealing with. But everyone lives in the general neighborhood, so it does affect us all. I get what they were saying about not being able to leave a shooting to give speeding tickets, I would rather them at the shooting than the tickets, but at least they know about the issue now,” a neighbor named Aaron said.

Police and neighbors may have been focused on different problems, but Goold said as long as neighbors are talking with one another and getting involved in community issues, they’re working to prevent crimes in their community.

“It’s good that they came out and listened. Trying to get more people involved to report more things is going help solve problems,” Aaron said.

Police often rely on community members to help solve crimes. And tips from the public have been successful in helping them solve the most recent homicide.

Joseph Burrola, 17, was killed in the Sarament Drive house party shooting on June 20th. Days after his death, cell phone video surfaced on YouTube, showing parts of the shooting. They are hoping to make an arrest very soon.

“We are making progress on that  specific case, detectives were out today interviewing folks that we wanted to speak with but again we know with hundreds there, only a few are speaking with us,” Goold said.

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