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EAST SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The Citibank on Alhambra Boulevard in East Sacramento was closed early Tuesday following a robbery.

“I was actually at the ATM. An officer walks up to me and tells me I couldn’t continue banking because something happened,” said Citibank customer Brittany King.

King was at the bank about two weeks ago when it was robbed. She was there again when the second robbery occurred just before noon Tuesday.

“I came up here again today to go back to the exact same bank and it was completely taped off,” she explained.

A sign on the front door read that the branch was closed due to an emergency, urging customers to go to the nearest branch on Howe Avenue.

Police are investigating to determine if the two robberies are connected and if the suspect possibly took off on a Jump bike.

“That information has come across to us and that’s part of our investigation,” said Sacramento Police Officer Karl Chan.

But Jump bike users must enter their bank card information in order to get the bike to work.

“That is good information, great information for our detectives,” Chan said

“How dumb could you be to do something like that?” King said.

Police said no one was hurt during either robberies.

They hope to catch the robber before he hits again.

Detectives are going through surveillance video from the bank and may release the robber’s image to the public soon.