Police: Crowd Tried to Stop Arrests Following Chase in Stockton

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STOCKTON — Cellphone video captured people screaming and running away as a Stockton police officer chased down a suspect.

“It’s ridiculous what happens around here. Absolutely ridiculous,” said Maria Toloy.

The hectic scene unfolded after a call came in about a reckless driver doing donuts in a residential neighborhood near downtown Stockton, Thursday night.

Stockton Police spokeswoman Rosie Calderon says things escalated when a large crowd formed as officers tried to arrest the driver.

“As officers were contacting the driver, they were asking him to step out of the vehicle; a crowd of about 40-50 people started getting near officers so that’s when they called for backup,” she said.

Multiple officers rushed to the scene on Monroe and Oak streets.

“At that point, a second suspect reached into the vehicle and pulled out a bag at the driver’s request. Officers then went after the second suspect and as they were detaining him a third suspect came and started pushing officer,” Calderon said.

Video shows the moment officers took one man to the ground.

Police were eventually able to get the scene under control and arrested Louis McCornell for weapons and drug charges; Brandon Jones and Angie Lorrain were arrested for battery on an officer and resisting arrest.

Police say officers recovered two loaded handguns and a bag of drugs from the driver’s car.

“It’s so important that these guns aren’t in the wrong hands and involved in other illegal activity,” Calderon said.

Stockton Police say their officers take 800 to 1,000 guns off the streets every year.

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