Police find man seen prowling around Vacaville neighborhood, looking into windows

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VACAVILLE, Calif. (KTXL) — Unease settled over a Vacaville neighborhood after a man was caught on security camera looking into people’s windows.

According to the Vacaville Police Department, the man was seen lurking around homes along Lovers Lane last week.

A neighbor who went by the name Monica said she was shocked while reviewing her home security camera footage last Sunday. 

“I was scrolling through and I was just like what the hell is this?” she described.

Her camera picked up the man attempting to look through her blinds and windows before getting on all fours and crawling away, seemingly trying not to be seen.

“He walked around the front of my yard, came to my other gate, and then he came in front of my garage and I want to say he was looking in my kitchen window,” Monica told FOX40.

According to Vacaville police, there were at least two more homeowners who captured the same person prowling around their homes, and always at night.

Monday, Vacaville Police Lt. Bryan Larsen said officers had identified the man.

“With this particular occurrence, it just so happened that our officers noticed someone that appeared to be the same person in the video,” Lt. Larsen said. “With this individual, it was quickly identified that he was of diminished capacity.” 

Police said the man is now back in the home of his caregivers and is not facing charges. Officers added they believe he is no longer considered a threat to the community.

Lt. Larsen said people’s initial fears over the footage were completely justified. 

“On face value, it does appear concerning based on what’s seen in the video,” he said. “I can understand how residents would be cautious or fearful even.” 

“I ended up adding more cameras to my house, making sure that I’m able to protect my family,” Monica said. “I’m glad that they did locate him and he’s in the proper care that he needs to be.”

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