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AUBURN — Auburn mom Cheyanne Martinez is holding her little ones closer after an attempted kidnapping on Auburn Ravine Road in Auburn Saturday.

“Just even letting them run off far enough to where I can’t get to them fast enough makes me nervous,” she said.

It happened at the same park where Martinez and her kids spent the day.

A grandpa and his two grandkids were near a duck pond at Ashford Park when police say Lindsay Frasher came up to them.

“Ms. Frasher approached one of the children, called her by a different name and tried to take her,” said Sergeant Gary Hopping with the Auburn Police Department.

Frasher allegedly wrapped her arms around the 3-year-old’s body, according to investigators, but the victim’s grandpa fought back.

“It was a tug of war over the little girl,” said Hopping.

The grandpa and others who saw what happened kept Frasher at the park until the Auburn Police Department got there. Police said the 28-year-old wasn’t known to the family. They don’t believe she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Investigators couldn’t say if Frasher suffers from mental illness.

Frasher is behind bars at the Placer County Jail. She’s charged with kidnapping.

FOX40 put in an request with the Placer County Jail to interview Frasher. We were told she’s unavailable for interviews until she’s housed in the proper location.

She’s being held on a bail of $420,000.

FOX40 spoke to Frasher’s former high school classmate. She didn’t want to be on camera but said she’s not surprised to hear about the situation. She hopes Frasher can get counseling.