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OAKDALE — Police say one family in the Burchell Hill neighborhood of Oakdale found metal objects inside of five pieces of their kid’s trick-or-treating candy.

Photo shows what appears to be a long metal object in a candy bar, which was handed out in Oakdale.

Police have ruled out a manufacturing error, saying they are confident someone must have put the metal objects inside the candy on purpose.

“It’s very rare. I can’t recall whenever we’ve received a report like this,” said Oakdale Police Lt. Joseph Carrillo.

As police work to figure out who’s responsible, neighbor Shannon Daily took a closer look at her kid’s Halloween candy.

“Check all the candy. We’re going to check it with magnets and make sure that it’s OK,” she said.

Other neighbors, like Jill Thompson, brought candy to the police department to get it looked over.

“It had some just odd looking debris inside,” Thompson said. “You double-check, you want to make sure. You can’t be too safe these days.”

While police did not find anything suspicious in Thompson’s candy, they say she did the right thing double-checking.

Photo shows a Reese’s peanut butter cup that was handed out in Oakdale on Halloween being held up by a stack of magnets.

“Be diligent with checking your children’s candy before they eat it,” Carrillo said.

Parents just hope police find the person responsible.

“Obviously, Halloween is more for children and the children are eating the candy,” Daily said. “It’s like, why would anyone want to do that to kids? It’s so scary and sad.”

Anyone with more information about the candy is asked to contact the police department at 209-847-2231.