Police Identify Armed Suspect in South Sacramento Standoff

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SACRAMENTO — Police are releasing more details about the man who was arrested Saturday night for allegedly throwing bombs and pointing a firearm at officers.

One of those pipe bombs exploded just feet from Andrew Brock’s house.

Brock wasn’t home at the time, but his three surveillance cameras captured the whole thing.

“There is a man right in front of my house with a gun and something that exploded… Glad I wasn’t there,” Brock told FOX40.

Unfortunately, Brock said officers told him not to release the video.

“They requested I not share it with the media so that’s why I can’t give it to you guys, but they were at my house to rather late last night,” Brock said.

Brock did agree to let us air a small clip of the video which shows the suspect running by. In the image, the suspect appears to be holding a gun.

“Looked like an assault rifle, it looked like an AR-15 style assault rifle,” Brock told FOX40.

Sacramento police say 36-year-old Amphone Sayabouapheth pointed that weapon at one of their officers. What happened next shook the whole neighborhood.

“He puts the gun down inches out into the street and does something with his hands, it’s a little hard to see, he throws something then he picks up the gun then he takes off… A few seconds after that there’s a flash on the video then we see bomb fragments or some kind of something raining into my front yard,” Brock said.

He said he is still finding shrapnel from that device all over his yard.

“Looks like some kind of building material, and that would tell me these things were homemade,” Brock said.

Brock is counting his blessings that neither he nor his girlfriend nor his 9-week-old black lab Crash were home at the time, especially since Crash’s play pin is in the front yard.

“It’d be very close to that bomb and really glad he wasn’t around when that happened,” Brock said.

For several hours after the explosion, Sayabouapheth was holed up around the corner, in a home on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard near 16th Aveune, as police SWAT teams surrounded the house. Eventually negotiators successfully talked him out.

Brock said officers told him how it all started Saturday night.

“He was throwing these pipe bombs at his wife,” Brock told FOX40.

Both the FBI and ATF are involved in this investigation. Sayabouapheth now faces multiple charges related to the possession and detonation of a destructive device, child endangerment and attempted murder.

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