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ROSEVILLE, Calif. (KTXL) — A crime in Roseville could have been just one of several jewelry heists that appear to have spanned multiple states.

Roseville police said they believe all the jewelry that was stolen from a big box store in the city was recovered, but they think it may be a part of a much bigger crime.

“Nearly $100,000 worth of stolen jewelry,” explained Roseville Police spokesman Rob Baquera.

Roseville police said the smash and grab happened at a Sam’s Club last month. 

“There had been entry made into the business and the large jewelry cases that were near the entrance had been smashed, and several pieces of jewelry were stolen,” Baquera said.

But the suspects did not get very far when police started to close in on them.

“Three of the four individuals in the vehicle fled the vehicle, and then the vehicle fled itself,” Baquera said.

Police said one of the four suspects got away but left behind the stolen goods.

“One of the suspects crashed the vehicle, which had the stolen jewelry on it, on Highway 99 near Lodi,” Baquera told FOX40.

Police said the three suspects who were arrested had no connection to Roseville other than this crime.

“The other two were located here in Roseville, hiding under a vehicle or hiding in a business,” Baquera said.

The fact that the crime happened at Sam’s Club could be a big clue in this case in connecting it to other jewelry thefts in other states. 

“It’s very uncommon for criminals to drive from the LA area all the way to our Sacramento/Roseville area to commit these types of crimes,” Baquera explained.

Just last week, police in Phoenix, Arizona, said a similar crime happened at a Sam’s Club there, just five days after the theft in Roseville. Four people were arrested, including a 17-year old.

Phoenix police said they are trying to see if there’s a connection to Roseville and Las Vegas.

“Same business, same types of items that they were being specific on grabbing and same type of access,” said Phoenix Police Sgt. Mercedes Fortune. “It is immediate: get it, get out and go. So that’s very rare.”

Police still have not arrested the fourth person connected to the crime in Roseville. They’re urging anyone with information to give them a call.