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Anthony Brant Taylor, 64 (Credit: Roseville Police Department)

Update: The Roseville Police Department has identified the man arrested in the city’s first homicide of 2019. Anthony Brant Taylor, 64, was arrested after he was found lying in the road, drenched in blood. Police say he is the sole suspect in the case.

ROSEVILLE — Holding onto loved ones for support, family and friends of a homicide victim gathered outside of her Birch Street home in Roseville.

Authorities responded to a call around 8 a.m. Sunday about a man lying in the roadway on Vernon Street. He was covered in blood and conscious, according to the Roseville Police Department.

“When we located and contacted that man, he led us back to this address here on Birch,” said Roseville Police Department Spokesperson, Rob Baquera.

Inside the home, police found an elderly woman, dead.

Investigators confirm that the man and woman know each other but they would not say how. They say the man is the only suspect in her death.

“At this time, the suspect is not currently in the hospital. He is not being treated for any injuries. He is in police custody, being questioned by detectives,” Baquera said.

Police will continue to look into what led to the homicide.

People in the neighborhood are shaken.

“It’s still kind of scary when it hits home literally on your street and you come home with tape all over your house,” one neighbor told FOX40.

Neighbors say an elderly man and woman lived in the home along with their adult daughter and grandchildren. They’re surprised they didn’t hear any commotion.

Now, the community is thankful the suspect is in custody and say their thoughts are with the victim’s family.

“My condolences go out to the family. I mean especially on Mother’s day. What a day,” another neighbor expressed.

Police say there was no gun involved in this crime but they believe some sort of weapon or object was used.