Police Investigate Suspect who Left Hidden Camera in Folsom Tanning Salon

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FOLSOM -- Folsom police are investigating a man who was suspected of repeatedly leaving a recording device in a room of Folsom Sun Club to capture images of naked women there to tan.

"Noticed a recorder like this, I think it was in the wall, and it was kind of, basically, right at her crotch area," said Craig Ashton.

Ashton represents the 22-year-old victim, who noticed the hidden camera plugged into the wall, disguised as a charger, back on April 4.

"We are working on the investigation," said Folsom Police Sgt. Andrew Bates. "We're working diligently. But it is a lot of material to investigate and sometimes material with digital investigations takes quite a bit of time."

No arrest has been made yet.

"They did a search warrant. They went to his house. They got information, like hard drives, all of the video equipment, etc., which kinda looks like these things here," Ashton said, holding up a cell phone charger.

Ashton has also learned that the incident occurred around prom time and that many girls from Folsom High School went to Folsom Sun Club to tan.

"Some of them may be under 18," Ashton said. "So you have an issue now with child pornography issues. And the real danger is that this information doesn't stay in the hands of the individual, that's the criminal. But then he uploads that to the internet and then at that point it's nearly impossible to get it off."

"Any time minors are involved in a case like this that would change the charges and so that would change how we move forward on a case," Bates said.

The owners of Folsom Sun Club didn't want to talk to FOX40.

"They could've stopped this if they would've look into it," Ashton told FOX40. "When over a course of months the same contraption is left in the tanning salon, especially when young girls are naked, you have a duty to investigate that."


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