Police: Marysville, Del Paso boulevards closed after possible explosion caused by illegal fireworks

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NORTH SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — North Sacramento neighbors were allowed back in their homes Wednesday after an explosion triggered an evacuation earlier in the day. 

Sacramento Police moved quickly to shut down and clear out a home along south Hagginwood Street that morning. 

Neighbors who were trying to go home on Marysville Boulevard at 6:30 a.m. were met by roadblocks and officers, who were also knocking on doors in the area. 

“The cop came to the door and just said we had to evacuate right away because there was a big explosion,” neighbor Janice Enriquez told FOX40. 

Enriquez says she didn’t hear the explosion over the sounds of her treadmill, but her daughter Mariah did. 

“Like a big boom, like a bomb or something like that. It was just really big,” recalled Mariah Enriquez.  

Investigators suspect the sound was related to an unidentified man with a serious hand injury, who police say flagged down officers before being taken to the hospital for treatment. 

The sound may have been caused by illegal fireworks, according to police.

The explosion triggered evacuations of the nearby homes on the block where Marysville Boulevard meets Del Paso Boulevard. 

“It’s an abundance of caution at this point,” said Sacramento police officer Karl Chan. “At this point, we have the evacuations in the immediate vicinity of that residence, and we have our bomb squad here who are experts at that kind of stuff, and they are assisting with this investigation. But at this point, we know that everybody is safe at this point and that we’re just doing the investigation.” 

That investigation would last about six hours, ending with the bomb squad finding evidence of illegal fireworks in the home. 

They did not have to disarm any explosive materials and no one else was injured according to police. 

“Lots of them going off, like it looks like a fireworks show,” Janice Enriquez said.

Neighbors in the area told FOX40 that they frequently hear fireworks on their street and weren’t surprised to learn what happened, but they say they are worried about threat still exists. 

“It’s kind of scary because how bad could the explosion be?” Janice Enriquez asked. 

Sacramento police say the man they suspect injured himself with the fireworks is still in the hospital. No charges have yet been filed. 

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

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