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TRACY, Calif. (KTXL) — A couple is behind bars in San Joaquin County on homicide charges after their 4-year-old child died last Monday.   

The boy’s biological father, Felipe Lopez, told FOX40 Sunday that the boy’s name is Moses Lopez and he’s heartbroken by his son’s death. 

“He was such an amazing person. His laugh, his smile, just the joy he brought to your life, the joy he brought to everyone’s life,” Lopez said. “I loved him so much.” 

Lopez said that while he had long battled with the boy’s mother over custody issues, he never thought his son was in any danger.   

Investigators said they were called to an apartment complex on West Grant Line Road in Tracy Monday morning where the boy lived with his mother and stepfather, who had custody. 

The caller said Moses had stopped breathing. First responders rushed him to the hospital by ambulance where he later died. 

Lopez said the child’s mother, 24-year-old Camila Pizarro-Vergara, and her husband, 25-year-old Oscar Munoz, told him they didn’t know why their son stopped breathing. 

It wasn’t until Saturday night, that Lopez learned the pair are suspects in the boy’s death. 

“I never in my life thought or believed that his own mother would put him in harm because as a father I would never in my life do anything to my kids,” Lopez said. 

Police have not released how exactly the boy died. Police said that “evidence collected in the course of the investigation” led them to file charges against the guardians for homicide and “inflicting great bodily injury on a child.”  

Investigators arrived at a home on Birchwood Lane Saturday evening to arrest the suspects who were staying there with a family member. 

“We could hear them calling out to the house to get the people that they had warrants for out of the house,” neighbor Jason Evans told FOX40. 

Evans said he watched SWAT officers negotiate for roughly two hours, capturing video of when the couple finally surrendered with their hands up. 

While the suspects are now behind bars, Lopez said he has little closure. 

He said he’s fighting to figure out how and why this happened. 

“I just want justice for my son. I just want to get him what he deserves. He did not deserve to die in this manner. These people need to be held accountable for it,” Lopez said. 

Lopez lives in San Jose but traveled to Tracy to make funeral arrangements for his son. 

He also started a GoFundMe for those who would like to help contribute to funeral costs.