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Rocklin police officers who shot and killed a man after a February confrontation have been cleared of any criminal wrongdoing.

The Placer County District’s Attorney’s office announced their decision not to pursue any charges against the officers Thursday.

However, the matter is far from resolved, according to activists who showed up at the Rocklin Police Department with a list of demands.

Lorenzo Cruz is finally getting a funeral, more than a month and a half after he was killed during a run in with Rocklin police. His family said the 23-year-old’s body was just released to them this week. Though they are relieved to bury him, advocates won’t stop working to uncover more details about how he died.

Police say the morning of February 25, Cruz broke into a home on Bradford while the homeowners were there. Three officers caught up with him outside the home.

“My understanding is that he pointed a gun at law enforcement and they fired,” said Lt. Scott Horillo with Rocklin Police.

According to a police press release, the gun turned out not to be real. However, none of that makes sense according to Tanya Faison with Black Lives Matter.

“He’s a compassionate person, he’s never stolen anything, never been in trouble with the law, it doesn’t make since that he’d go from not doing anything wrong to breaking into someone’s house at 10 in the morning,” said Faison.

The Rocklin Police Department is one of the few in our region that outfits all of their officers with body cameras.

However, Horillo said the three officers who shot Cruz did not have their body cameras turned on before the shooting.

“We have integrated them into our training, but it’s still somewhat of a new tool for our officers,” said Horillo.

The department has had the cameras for over a year and says they are a priority, but protecting the safety of officers and civilians is their first priority.

“That’s something we’re working on to get that as muscle memory, we realize officers are human, and we’re trying to get things that are more important to immediate safety,” said Horillo.

Faison said that sounds like a lot of excuses. She feels the lack of footage of the shooting in this incident, as well others in Sacramento are evidence police departments aren’t serious about transparency.

Thursday, Black Lives Matter presented a list of demands to the Rocklin Police Department including: release of the police report and all video of the incident, charges brought against the officers involved, a community investigation, monetary compensation for Cruz’s family, and an apology from city officials.