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(KTXL) — Vacaville police are investigating why two women were killed in an apartment Saturday morning after a man reportedly livestreamed himself with a gun on social media. 

Police have since arrested someone, identifying him as 29-year-old Raymond Michael Weber.

People living nearby say they wish they had never seen what occurred. 

“We came home from a friend’s at 1 and the road was blocked off,” said neighbor Stewart Mixon. 

Mixon lives nearby on Rocky Hill Road and says the road was blocked off early in the morning as police focused on an apartment complex called Rocky Hills Veterans Apartment. 

“I guess there was some snipers on the roof as well,” Mixon told FOX40. 

Police say Weber barricaded himself inside the apartment. According to police, eight hours after they were called they found two women dead inside the apartment. 

What residents say makes matters worse is that Weber reportedly livestreamed the scene on Instagram. 

“It was pretty graphic,” Mixon said. 

FOX40 obtained the 36-minute long video and is choosing not to show it because of its contents. 

In the video, a man carrying a gun near two women said, they were trying to set him up and that it would be the last time people see him and police will come in any minute.

“He was messing with two dead bodies. Just saying, ‘They set me up.’” Mixon said. “It’s graphic and disturbing. It made me sick to my stomach for sure.” 

Others in the area, like Bernadette Jackson, slept through it. 

“It’s kind of sad for my neighborhood to hear this went on,” Jackson said. 

The complex is for veterans and their families. FOX40 at this time does not know if the person arrested is a veteran. 

But Jackson was shocked to see the aftermath. 

“You know it’s been really positive for the veterans and stuff. It’s kind of unexpected for this to happen,” Jackson said. 

Police are still investigating and have yet to release how the two women died or their identity.