Police Search for Man Seen Exposing Himself to Students Near Sacramento Middle School

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SACRAMENTO — The Sacramento Police Department says they are searching for a man involved in at least three indecent exposure incidents Monday morning.

While at school, Sophia Olvera gets text messages from her sister all the time but the one that popped up during fifth period on Monday was different.

“She said to not walk home and to be careful because there was like some guys exposing,” the 13-year-old said. “They were like at the Ortega gate and he was just like flashing them.”

What Olvera’s sister described in her warning as flashing Sacramento police say was a white man in his 20s with spiked, dark hair near the back of Will C. Wood Middle School. He was in a black Honda Civic exposing himself to three young girls.

They were each approached separately while they walked to class around 7:30 a.m. in the area of 40th Avenue and Ortega Street.

“He essentially drove up really slow, made contact, asked them a few questions out the window to get their attention,” said Sacramento Police Officer Marcus Basquez.

During the first encounter, the man stayed in his black Honda Civic and tried to show the girl pornography on his cell phone. The second victim said the man was fondling himself inside his car.

The man left his vehicle during the third incident but did not approach the child, according to the police department.

Sacramento police began adding extra patrols in the area around Will C. Wood, looking for the man and the Honda he was spotted in. At the time, police say he was wearing a black shirt and black and red shorts.

Though the three incidents happened near Will C. Wood Middle School, families at nearby feeder schools, such as Peter Burnett, Elder Creek and Camellia elementary schools, were also alerted because students share the same streets to get to class.

For parents, the few details that are known are plenty frightening.

“Very scary because my son is small. There are a lot of kids here that are small. That’s not good,” said parent Graciella Sandoval, whose seventh-grader attends Will C. Wood.

Sandoval was one of many mothers in the Sacramento City Unified School District who got an alert about the safety threat that’s put everyone on edge.

Instead of worrying about their next test, students are now worried about who might be trying to hurt them.

“Yeah, some kids don’t even want to walk home,” Olvera said. “I don’t really think they should be doing that to someone, especially kids. We go through a lot.”

The district and the police department advise students to take the bus to school or if they have to walk, to walk in groups.

If you know anything about the indecent exposure case you’re asked to call Sacramento police.


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