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GRIDLEY — In a town of nearly 7,000 people, when one person is missing, it’s personal.

“I know a lot of people are worried, stuff like this doesn’t really happen,” said Dalton Jose.

There has been no trace of Gridley resident Alycia Yeoman since Thursday. For two days, the 20-year-old didn’t show up to work at her two jobs at Starbucks and McDonalds in Gridley.

Loved ones told investigators it’s not like her not to come home, to skip work and to go silent on social media.

“She is very active with her phone and social media so this is uncharacteristic so that creates the urgency,” Gridley-Briggs Chief Dean Price said.

Chief Price says Yeoman was last seen leaving an address on Romero street, a residential block in Yuba City. Price says she was driving alone in a green 1998 Toyota Tacoma with the license plate 4FAR610.

A ping on Yeoman’s phone led investigators to an empty grass field along Harter Parkway in Yuba City. Sunday, investigators searched for Yeoman and her pickup truck using a CHP helicopter and crews on foot.

On Monday night, Yeoman’s truck was found. The vehicle was found in the Pennington Road area of Live Oak in an orchard. The truck was found unoccupied, but the Sutter County Sheriff’s Office set up a perimeter to search for and collect evidence.

Live Oak on Monday night. The exact location the vehicle was found has not been released. The Sutter County Sheriff’s Office has set up a perimeter around the truck and are searching for evidence.

“There’s not a credible suspicious lead that’s there,” said Chief Price.

That only increases worries and questions for friends, coworkers and neighbors.

“Why would she go missing? Who was involved? What’s going on?” said Jose.

The Gridley-Biggs Police Department has a warrant to search Yeoman’s phone records.

But with a staff of just 14, Chief Price is seeking help from surrounding Law Enforcement agencies and possibly the FBI

“A Gridley resident is missing and the last place they were seen is Sutter county, so we have to team up, we have to use all resources to get this young lady reunited with her folks,” Chief Price said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Gridley-Briggs Police Department at (530)846-5670