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Easy Byrd, 35
Easy Byrd, one of the two suspects on bicycles stopped overnight.


It was a busy night for police officers in Sacramento, with two bicycle stops yielding stashes of drugs.

According to Sacramento Police logs, the first stop of note happened near Lissetta and 12th Avenues around 11:17 p.m. A man, 35-year-old Easy Byrd, was stopped by police while he was riding his bike.

Officers say they soon found several packages of meth and rock cocaine on Byrd. He was arrested and now faces possession of drugs for sale charges.

A little under two hours later, officers stopped another biker near Lemon Hill Avenue and 71 Street. The man, 31-year-old Laine Prinzing, was on parole. A search of Prinzing soon uncovered that he had a two pound marijuana stash and a knife, a violation of his parole.

Apparently, Prinzing had more stored away, because while he was in custody at Sacramento County Jail, deputies uncovered some meth he had hidden away.

Due to the extra stash, Prinzing faces a charge of bringing contraband into the jail along with the original drug charges and a parole violation.

Laine Prinzing, 31
Prinzing’s booking photo.