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VACAVILLE, Calif. (KTXL) — Vacaville police are warning the public about a bear who was spotted in a tree near a school Monday morning. 

The bear was last seen on the corner of North Orchard Avenue and Elder Street near Willis Jepson Middle School, police said. According to a Facebook post from the Vacaville Police Department, officers kept their eyes on the bear while students from the school safely assembled for class. 

“If you see the bear, the safest course of action will be to avoid him, keep doors and windows closed and consider bringing any pets inside,” police said in the post. 

“Solano County is a natural habitat for black bears,” police continued. “Our current plan is to observe the bear and not take direct action unless he poses a threat. Our hope is that he will safely wander back to his home soon.” 

Neighbors in the area said they were surprised when they found out the bear was moving around North Orchard Avenue.

“Oh my God, that’s a bear behind my house. I was at work, and I had to come back,” said Clement Lau, who lives in the neighborhood.

Police closed off North Orchard Lane for a few hours as the bear made his way around the area and the students from the nearby schools were let out.

Around 5 p.m. police opened the streets back up and decided they were going to let the bear take his time, naturally wake up, and find his way home.

Officers are urging people to bring in any trash or food from outside their homes. While everyone continues to stay safe, many hope the bear will too.

“I just hope it gets home safe,” Lau said.