SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Friday night marks the first weekend since the deadly shooting in downtown Sacramento, and as people head back into downtown, authorities said they are beefing up security. 

“I would definitely have high concerns about coming out again,” said Austin Kropp, a Sacramento resident. 

Safety is still on the minds of many who chose to return. 

“Even though the guys are caught, I would have high concerns for people out here doing crazy stuff,” Kropp said. 

Sacramento police said they added more police officers over the weekend to downtown, midtown and Old Sacramento. 

“I think it’s about how do we move forward safely,” said Dion Dwyer, with the Downtown Partnership. 

Dwyer said they have been working closely with area businesses and police on how to address safety concerns and make it a welcoming experience. 

“Safety is an issue across Sacramento not just in downtown,” Dwyer said. “We are working proactively, taking steps. We are adding nighttime security guards, roaming the J, K, L corridor from DOCO to the convention center. We have added more police camera pods on K Street. We are working on adding some additional lighting.” 

Area businesses are welcoming the extra enhancements to calm the fears. Heidi Rojek, with There and Back Again Cafe, said hers and other businesses have seen a decline in business this week. 

“We are not going to be able to survive very long in this atmosphere, where if people feel unsafe to come down here That’s just not true,” Rojek said. 

Officials with the Sacramento Police Department told FOX40 the additional staffing will remain in place, and they will talk with the businesses to see what more can be done to make downtown Sacramento safe for everyone to enjoy.