Politicians, Community Leaders Show Support for Elkarra at Anti-Hate Rally

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Dozens of politicians and community leaders showed their support for Twin Rivers School Board candidate Basim Elkarra, who became the target of Anti-Islamic shame campaign.

For years, the 35-year-old father has been a member of Sacramento CAIR, or Council on American Islamic relations.

Last week, some Natomas residents received anonymous mailers on their doors, alleging CAIR has ties to Jihadi extremists, Elkarra is intolerant of others and even insinuated he has a special relationship with Sacramento Mayor Pro Tem, Angelique Ashby.

“It bothers me deeply that anyone would put out a picture of my family with Basim’s family, and insinuate in any way because I am a woman in that flier, that we were intimate a family relationship,” Ashby said.

For years, Ashby and Elkarra have publicly stated their political support for each other.

Other supporters that the anti-hate rally included Senator Richard Pan, Congressman Ami Bera and former CA Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg.

“We will stand together and say no, we will not let this happen here in Sacramento,” Dr. Pan said.

“I am a Jewish American,” Steinberg said. “I have a long history of being a supporter of Israel. I look at this flier and say, this is a bunch of crap!”

Elkarra said he will not be side-tracked by the hate mail.

“We’re trying to make it a better community and make a better future for these little ones,” Elkarra said. “It doesn’t matter if they are Buddhist, Jewish christian, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim. We’re trying to make a better future for our children.”

He also said this was not masterminded by his opponent, Sonja Cameron.

“It wasn’t Sonja Cameron,” Elkarra said. “Some people even say, I think it’s her, she probably… no. She didn’t do this. I just talked to talk her yesterday. I have respect for her. But we know who was behind this. The people who are behind this are the same ones that in previous Twin Rivers elections did the same thing to other candidates.”

Elkarra said this exact kind of behavior is something he hopes to change if elected on May 12.

In the meantime, he said he is an optimist, so he will get through this.

Besides, the Twin Rivers School board candidate said he has more important things to worry about, like caring for his wife, pregnant with twins.

“I said Sarah, if you can wait until May 13, then you know, it’s all good. Whether we win or lose, it will be a celebration,” Elkarra laughed.

No one has claimed responsibility for the fliers.

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