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The battle to keep the Kings in Sacramento is over. But the battle over how much the new arena should cost and who should pay those costs?

Well, that’s still very much ongoing.

In an unlikely way, this midtown mural has become a field of that battle. When things looked dire for the Kings in Sacramento, “Baby please don’t go” dominated the scene. Now, someone has taken it upon themselves to write “Schools not stadiums” across the street art.

“I think you can have schools and stadiums at the same time. It’s not like one or the other,” Anthony Padilla said.

Padilla is the artist of the mural. He regularly comes out to this mural and touches it up. He loves the Kings, and he loves street art. And while the swastika that appeared on Omri Casspi was vile, not matter what the medium, I had to ask Padilla if in the case of “Schools not stadiums”, he had to have respect for the other street artist just trying to get the message out.

Padilla says, in street art, there’s already a way to handle this kind of thing.

“A graffiti battle, August 1 at the Crocker Art Museum. If this person wants to battle, if they have some cajones, they can come and I’ll set up a wall for them,” Padilla said.

Padilla says he will be back out here. He will touch up this mural once again. He views this as an ongoing project, but he wishes that this is a piece of art he could finish once and for all.