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Stockton Police say a band of possible serial killing teenagers are believed to be responsible for the death of Armondo Pina, gunned down at Victory Park in Stockton last September.

“They are describing that the people responsible for Mr. Pina’s homicide are also responsible for several other unsolved homicides that happened last year around the same time,” said Ofc. Joe Silva, with the Stockton Police Department.

Six different people called Stockton Crime Stoppers telling the same story. Police have yet to identify the so called serial killer teens, but they believe the tips to be very credible.

“We have witnesses that are describing the suspects that fled the park as two adults in their late teens to mid-twenties either African-American or Hispanic,” said Silva.

Armondo Pina’s fiancé, Mary Balz, believes the suspects are definitely teens, because Pina didn’t shoot them, even though he had a gun.

“He did pull it out but he never used it. I was told that a neighbor went and talked to him and he told the neighbors he couldn’t shoot them because they were kids,” Balz said.

Not long after the attack, Pina died on the operating table. All the information police have on these teens comes from tips, but they need more information and names. If people know who these kids are, they are urged to contact police. Information can be given anonymously.