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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — A group of people who say they were abused by members of the Catholic Church shared their stories Wednesday and demanded change from the Diocese of Sacramento.

Courage is what it took for Alfredo Becerra to go public about his experiences within the Catholic Church.

Through his translator and with the support of other survivors, Becerra finally felt confident to tell his story.

“I am a victim. I was sexually abused by a priest,” said Alfredo Becerra, who spoke through his translator, Ramona Landeros. “Sometimes I have a hard time remembering because it was very difficult for me.”

Becerra said that his abuse started at a local church when he was in his mid-20s. He still gets emotional about what happened to him because it was caused by someone he thought he could trust.

“For a long time, I was very suicidal because nobody listened to me, nobody helped me,” Becerra said.

And he’s not the only one.

Dorothy Small told FOX40 that her abuse happened when she was in her 60s by a priest at Holy Rosary in Woodland.

Small works with the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, and as someone with a history of trauma and abusive relationships, Small said that was used against her.

“The priest said, ‘Let me help you get away from those relationships,’ and then what he did was the same thing,” Small said.

Small said things will change for the better after a new Catholic Church law criminalizing adult abuse by priests went into effect Wednesday.

SNAP officials are calling on the Diocese of Sacramento to be transparent by adding the names of the accused abusers to a list for everyone to have access to.

“It’s time to add her abuser to the list and any other abusers that they may have, of men and women over the age of 25 as well,” said SNAP Survivor Support Coordinator Melanie Sakoda.

They’re also calling on state lawmakers to make it easier for adult victims to come forward.

“We also are going to request change in legislation to try and propose the window be open for adults too,” Small said.

FOX40 reached out to the Diocese of Sacramento multiple times for comment but has yet to hear back.