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An Arden Acrade hotel that has been a problem for years has been closed and fenced off, and could soon have a new owner.

For years the Sacramento Inn and Suites has had issues with crime, as well as city code violations.

“Things are finally going to change. We’re cleaning it up, we’ve fenced the property. We’ve got security out here 24/7,” said Sue Watkins, the owner of the property which the Sacramento Inn and Suites sits on.

Two days ago, she evicted her tenant, hotel operator Kumar Sharma. Now all hotel operations are closed down.

“The neighbors are happy. The city is happy. I think Arden Fair Mall is probably happy,” said Watkins.

Last summer the City of Sacramento called for reforms at the property after police noticed a spike in crime.

The city reported 167 9-1-1 calls for service involving the hotel during a two year period, with the majority of those calls dealing with issues of drugs and prostitution.

“We’ve actually had people come by and say thank you. Thank you for taking over. We’re sick of all the problems,” Watkins said.

One of those neighbors who is glad things could change is Joshua Queen, who told FOX40 his own family has had a dark past involving the hotel.

“All I remember was my dad going there. He’s in prison for life now, but he used to go in there and get a lot of drugs,” Queen said.

But now Queen hopes this is the first step in turning the neighborhood around.

“We’ve got a school down there, and we’ve got a bunch of people driving crazy. I see a bunch of homeless people come through, digging through my garbage, asking for drugs. Someone needs to do something good for this area,” Queen told FOX40.

Watkins said Sharma had let things deteriorate, and that the city even had to condemn four of the buildings for fire violations and failing safety codes.

“There’s literally been no maintenance on it,” Watkins said.

FOX40’s calls to Sharma were not returned as of Friday night.

After a year of legal battles, Watkins said she was able to regain control of the property and now plans to sell it.

“I’ve had several offers. I think that maybe someone will come in with a plan for a hotel, but it’s hard to say,” Watkins told FOX40.

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