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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — City leaders are considering a new proposal that could bring the former Food Source supermarket off Broadway and Stockton Boulevard back to life.

When the doors of Food Source on 4401 Broadway closed in March of last year, a major problem started brewing for the people of Oak Park.

“It created a food desert in one of our greatest, neediest areas, making it harder for shoppers with little to no means of transportation during a pandemic get to surrounding grocery stores and buy fresh groceries,” said District 6 Councilman Eric Guerra.

“You know, for a long time the only thing that was available was fast food, which is one amenity. But if it’s the only amenity, that’s a problem,” Guerra continued.

Efforts are underway to turn the food desert into an oasis, as Guerra and Sacramento’s vice mayor consider a new proposal with SKK Developments for a new Rancho San Miguel Market at the former Food Source.

“The property owner went to look for many grocery stores and it was hard to get anyone to even come into this area,” Guerra said. “One of the ones that came forward was this one grocery store that is operating outside of Sacramento and that there could be a need here.”

Guerra said it would be the first employee-owned grocery store in the Oak Park area.

“Employees have a share in the ownership and the gains of the supermarket. It’s required to have a local hiring requirement from the people in the community,” Guerra said.

Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Cathy Rodriguez Aguirre said she is excited to see a store that has the potential of bringing much-needed resources and diversity.

“They said this morning they expect to have at least 70 jobs,” Rodriguez Aguirre said. “There is a Latino flair to this market, but it’s really one that’s meant for all.”

Come April 6, Guerra and several other city officials can move forward in approving the $1.1 million proposal, as well as more developing projects.

“This new grocery store, the Aggie Square Project community benefits agreement and the housing development that we’re going to put on Stockton Boulevard is just a starting point for revitalizing Stockton Boulevard,” Guerra said.

There is no current date as to when renovations for the new Rancho San Miguel Market will begin.