Proposed Ordinance Changes Would Ban Some RVs, Chain-Link Fences in West Sacramento

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WEST SACRAMENTO — Rosey Ramsey loves camping and telling stories about camping, like the trip that motivated her and her husband to buy their trailer 13 years ago after she had her stroke.

Since then their trailer has sat parked in their West Sacramento driveway, always ready for the next adventure — but a proposed ordinance change might change all that.

“I find it kind of the height of hypocrisy to say that we’re this wonderful river town on the Sacramento River and yet they want … they’ve undermined that, as far as I can see,” Ramsey said.

A proposed ordinance under consideration by the city planning commission would ban recreational vehicles and boats in a home’s front driveway unless they are a certain distance from the street.

Ramsey and her husband have been having trouble getting clarification from the city about where the variable-by-neighborhood, 15-to-20-foot distance would start.

No one from the city would go on camera about the planning effort but planners told FOX40 by phone it is part of an 18-monthlong makeover of city zoning ordinances.

The proposal would also stop the installation of new chain-link fencing in town.

Existing fencing could stay but if it needs major repair or an addition it would have to be of another material. It’s a condition FOX40 was told would also apply to chain-link fences the city has put up.

“This has nothing to do with health and safety,” said Mark Warford. “It has everything to do with one set of people’s idea of what is beautiful or what is ugly, and my response is beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Warford is a camper who does not think there is anything unpleasant to behold in his driveway. If what’s just proposed now becomes reality, Warford and others are looking at the expense of “having to find rental spots for our RVs or boats,” he said.

It’s not a cost many want to add to their budget.

When it comes to a change that seems purely cosmetic, some say West Sacramento should look like West Sacramento.

“We don’t want to be Sacramento. We don’t want to be Roseville. We don’t want restrictions put on us,” Ramsey said.

She and other upset homeowners intend to pack Thursday’s planning commission meeting. It’s been scheduled as a public hearing on these possible ordinance changes.

Even if the ideas are approved by commissioners, the proposals would have to move on to the city council level for consideration and possible revision before being enacted.

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