Prosecutors Detail Teens’ Deaths as One of Their Accused Killers Stands Trial

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WOODLAND -- Thursday in Woodland was the first day of trial for accused murderer David Froste.

Along with his brother and two other defendants, Froste is accused of planning and killing teenagers Enrique Rios and Elijah Moore in October 2016.

While the victims’ bodies still have not been found the state is moving forward with its case against Froste, using testimony from his brother, Jonathan.

"As David Froste will tell Elijah, 'This is where your friend's buried. You’re going to be buried right next to him,'" said Yolo County Deputy District Attorney Kyle Hasapes.

Prosecutors with the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office used their opening statements to detail how Froste was giving the orders the night 16-year-old Rios was killed. They claimed he ultimately pulled the trigger, leading to the teen's death when Rios refused to help them find 17-year-old Moore.

"David is going to ask him again, 'Give up Elijah, help us find him, help us get him out here.' Enrique is going to say, 'No,'" Hasapes said. "He’s going to turn and run down towards the river. At which point, David Froste is going to unload and shoot at Enrique as he is running away."

Seventeen days later, on Nov. 4, 2016, prosecutors again painted Froste as the ringleader as he, his brother and two others took turns beating Moore to death with sticks.

Prosecutors say David Froste dropped a log on Moore's, head which was the final, fatal strike.

It was testimony Moore's mother, Alicia Moore, says was just too difficult to hear as she left the courtroom early in tears.

"It's too painful to sit and hear how they did him," Alicia Moore said.

Moore's aunt, Robin Trail, says Froste showed little remorse.

"You can look straight through and you see nothing. You see no emotions, you see nothing," she said.

However, Froste’s attorney says police were too quick to single out her client as the leader of the group and that the other three suspects also had motives.

"But that doesn’t work for the prosecution's story, they need to have a ringleader," said defense attorney Martha Sequeira. "That ringleader you’ll see was picked by law enforcement agents very early on."

David Froste has been incarcerated on unrelated drug charges since January of 2017, giving his co-defendants time to change their stories, according to his attorney. However, both Trail and Moore say they have little doubt who was in charge, saying they believe this defense strategy won’t work.

"It’s painful because we know, everybody knows who the ringleader is," Alicia Moore said. "Everyone can see who the most evil of the four is."

David Froste will be back in court on Tuesday.

Jonathan Froste ultimately turned on his brother and he will testify against him in the weeks to come.


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