Protesters Call for Driscoll’s Strawberry Boycott

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If you buy produce, especially berries, then you know the name Driscoll’s.

For more than a month, however, there have been many allegations of labor abuse, both in Baja California and in Washington state, by the suppliers that Driscoll’s employs.

“They tell me it’s worse than in the past,” said Juan Gonzalez, a retired farm worker from Baja who now lives in West Sacramento.

Gonzalez showed up at the Safeway on Alhambra Boulevard to show his support for the national Driscoll’s boycott. He said he still has lots of family working the same jobs in Baja that he did.

“I’ve seen children working in the fields, along with their parents. I’ve seen where the pesticides have been sprayed on them out in the fields,” Gonzalez said.

Many community groups have called for a boycott in order to pressure Driscoll’s customers to use their buying power to ensure that farm workers score better wages, housing, and working conditions.

“We’ll work with our growers, but our growers represent a small percentage of growers in Baja,” explained Driscoll’s CEO Kevin Murphy. “But within our reach we’re willing to make sure that we are comfortable with the living standards and working standards for all of our workers, including the ones who work for our independent growers and are associated with our labor.”


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