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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The Sacramento County Republican Party has removed one of its own for being a member of the controversial Proud Boys group, saying his values are inconsistent with the Republican Party.

Now, he’s saying his removal is unfair.

“I’ve never hidden my affiliation with the Proud Boys. I joined in 2018, 2017,” Jeffrey Perrine told FOX40.

Last March, Perrine was elected as one of the nine members of the Sacramento County Republican Party Central Committee. Only nine people ran, so he immediately won his race.

“I kind of saw January 6 unravel and I knew guilt with association was kind of a possibility,” Perrine said of last month’s riot at the U.S. Capitol.

He added he is still a member of the Proud Boys, which has been deemed a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

But Perrine insists he was not there that day.

Shortly after, the Sacramento County Republican Party released a statement calling for his resignation, saying in part that Perrine’s involvement with the Proud Boys is inconsistent with the values of the Republican Party.

“These people used to love the Proud Boys until January 6, and that’s what’s unfair,” Perrine said.

On Wednesday, the party met to talk about removing Perrine after the Sacramento Bee mentioned a video of him at a rally a few years ago where he made violent statements about undocumented immigrants.

“Making a statement and I quote, ‘All the illegals jumping across the border, we should be smashing their heads into concrete, separate them from their kids, making sure they’re not with pedophiles and child molesters, people like the left,'” chairwoman Betsy Mahan said in the meeting.

Perrine recorded the closed meeting and provided it to FOX40.

“Our bylaws state that any member may be removed for bad conduct,” Mahan said.

Perrine was given roughly 10 minutes to speak and he threatened to sue each member.

Ultimately, the party agreed to expel him.

“We should also consider the implications of allowing someone to remain on our committee who is going to jump on a call, threaten to sue us, be drama from day one,” said treasurer Micah Grant.

Perrine said he would take his position back if he had the chance but understands that may never happen.

As for his past statements and actions, Perrine claimed he made a mistake and has learned from it.

“When I’m told that you should watch your language, I understand that today,” Perrine said.

The Sacramento County Republican Party chairwoman wouldn’t do an interview with FOX40, but she said she gave Perrine a chance to run after he told her he was “no longer a part of the Proud Boys.”

She said once she found out that wasn’t true, that’s when the party went ahead with removing him.