SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — A pit bull puppy that was rescued from a debris fire in North Sacramento officially has a new home and name. 

In a video posted on the Sacramento Fire Department’s Instagram page Tuesday, Mike Thawley, a firefighter with the agency, said he’s adopting the puppy after fostering it for a couple of weeks. 

“We didn’t have a name for him, but it came about yesterday and his name is Loki,” Thawley said. “Loki is the Norwegian God of fire.”  

Not only will Loki have a new home, but he’ll have a sister named Chunk, a blue-nosed pit bull that was also rescued by Sacramento firefighters. 

Chunk was found chained to a fence near Richards Boulevard when she was three months old, according to Thawley.  

“I did the same thing. Fostered her and then adopted her,” Thawley said. “She’s at home living the life of luxury just like little Loki will be soon too.”   

Thawley said Loki recently had his neutering surgery and vaccinations. 

“He’s a tri-color pitbull mix, a breed that is misunderstood, but definitely one of the most family-friendly and loving breeds out there,” Thawley said.   

Loki was rescued by Sacramento firefighters on April 12 after they responded to a debris fire under the eastbound Interstate 80 bridge in North Sacramento. 

The puppy was found near the area of the fire. When Loki was found, officials said he was injured.